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Reflections on our daily struggle to separate ourselves from various forms of animal and plant life.

The stories, questions, thoughts, and contemplations herein are mostly true.  Those that aren’t, are made up.  The true ones might also a little fabricated.  The first advice or “gut reaction” counsel is what many of us would like to have said or done, had we been quicker thinking or void of any conscious or fear of reprisal.   It’s clearly contrived and mostly BS since, who in their right mind would really say some of this?  The PC version is what probably comes out, or should come out of our mouths if we have any semblance of a soul and care a whit for the person asking the question. 

Why knuckle-dragger?  Are you comparing us all to apes?  Yes and no.  Yes, in that the term knuckle-dragger is often used in association with this species and loosely refers to their physical and mental characteristics and behaviors.   No, in that I’m keenly aware of the fact that I’m not an ape.  I don’t fling poo, I can’t swing from trees by my arms and I don’t pick bugs out of my neighbor’s hair or run around without clothes (usually).  It’s the most PC term I could think of that wouldn’t actually offend anyone with the requisite vocal chords required to yell back at me or be able to hire a lawyer and drag me to court.  It also represents the lowest common denominator of how many of us are seen when we act first and think second.

The overarching concept is that every day we are often deluged with particularly stupid questions, comments, situations or opinions.  We typically have an initial gut reaction that we may or may not verbalize.  It may be terse, funny, outrageous, irreverent or profound and often goes unsaid.  Then we think of our position, place in society, boss, family, friends, job security or bank account and ultimately express a saner version of our inner desire.  Why is that?

Sometimes we are emotional and both things happen at once, which can lead to explosive results with both short and long-term implications.  This series of exchanges is simply one individual’s view on a career of wild and incongruent conversations.  It’s an opportunity to take some liberties with a few tough topics and poke fun at those who take themselves a little too seriously or who are just a bit thick.

Let’s face it we’re all knuckle-draggers to some degree.  Some days we’re on top of the world, some days we belong in a zoo.  In the end, we all mess up occasionally and are left wondering why we did or didn’t do or say what we wanted to.  Why are we always heroes or witty or well-spoken in hindsight?  Since it’s my belief that we are truly only measured by those we have touched (testimonies) and the legacy we leave amongst them, maybe this will encourage you to be more bold or thoughtful—or both!

This work of fiction is alternately silly, wildly inaccurate and occasionally philosophical, but mostly it’s a daily reminder that you’re not as bad or good as you think you are and every day we need a gentle knock to the frontal lobe to keep us on track and remind us to keep the main thing, the main thing.