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What does life look like at 30K feet (or from 3 feet)?  

These reflections are taken from a myriad of trips and encounters over 35 years of observing our species co-mingle on this flying rock.  They are a mishmash of questions, comments, thoughts, and observations.

They are not meant to judge, although opinions always seem like judgment to some. They honor and chastise, condemn and commemorate and generally make light of people who have no idea they are behaving ridiculously in some cases.

Some of these are just satire and others a resounding chorus of life turned upside down by circumstances and protocols. They are meant to entertain and if only for a brief moment shake you loose from whatever you were doing and force you to smile, grimace or otherwise respond to a world both beautiful and humbling (and occasionally just off-kilter).

They are short and meant only to distract you from whatever else you may be doing that has world-ending ramifications if not completed by yesterday.  Let's not take ourselves too seriously and don't forget to occasionally look up from your phone to see if you're about to step off the edge of the world.