Hero Worshipping


Dear Wizard of Middle Knuckle Dragger Realm,

My question is when did we become such a society of hero worshippers and why in the hell do actors and professional athletes make millions why those who protect and educate us, flounder in mediocrity and the middle knuckle-dragging class? I’m so sick of their elitist attitudes and entitled lifestyles.

Gut Reaction:

Oh please, another ex-high school knuckle-dragging jock lamenting his natural ability and ineptitude. Quit whining you baby. If you want to make that kind of coin, then work harder than everyone else, start a company or start taking writing, acting or singing lessons. I can’t handle knuckle-draggers that don’t understand our free market society and the rules of capitalism and entrepreneurialism that permeate everything we do. If someone’s willing to pay someone else that much, then don’t blame the knuckle-dragger on the receiving end. You don’t want Tom Cruise to make $20M per movie, then stop going to his movies and get about 50 million people to join you. Get it???

The official Knuckle dragger response:

It sucks but we don’t get to have it both ways. In our system of democracy and free markets, people get paid what the market will bear. You can call it hero-worship and there’s probably some truth in that the average knuckle dragger is envious as he watches the other guy or gal make their millions. Most of us don’t have the natural talent, ability or perseverance to do what it takes to be the very best at something.

Remember also that we collectively have endorsed this way of life across our knuckle-dragging society. Anything you want to do, you can. If your tolerance for risk is high, the sky’s the limit. Most knuckle draggers don’t have the risk tolerance to shoot that high, while some do and they still miss, and others can’t break free of their current environment or circumstances to even make the attempt.

Still, amongst the constant hero worshipping that goes on across our world, it’s too easy to say, once the damage is done, that we all should have rearranged our priorities. By all rights, our teachers and police officers should make more than they do, but nobody pays to go see them in a giant stadium or on a big screen or stage. They are public servants. Remember it’s always about the money and advertisers don’t line up to sell their products in our classrooms and station offices. Corporations don’t buy skyboxes at the local schools. I don’t like the outcome either but unless all the knuckle draggers we know choose to change their viewing, driving, drinking and general purchasing habits, it’s not going to change. This is the society we’ve morphed into and it will take a literal act of Congressional knuckle draggers to change it.

But do we really want to change it anyway? I mean we pride ourselves on being the land of the free and idolize any and all that make it to the top of their chosen professions. How would we replace that? Beers and wings while watching a 5th-grade history class? Tickets to the national tour of an 8th-grade band concert series? I’m joking, but only a little bit.

Fact is we love our heroes, all sizes, shapes, and colors and we like the way we feel when we are energized by their individual or collective performances. It may not be right in some folks’ eyes, but the way I see it, this is the core of who we are as a country. We love champions, record breakers, great performances and things that stir our inner soul. Plus we love any reason to get together with friends and family and just cheer and hang out. Music, live theater, sports, movies, great TV shows are all reasons for us to come together and share in the experience.

I'm reminded of Norm from the old TV show, Cheers. Every time he came in the bar, everyone shouted "NORM!" That's probably a large reason why he kept coming in... To know and be known, to love and be loved; it's at our core and celebrating excellence or even great attempts that fall short is an integral part of what America is about. Wish we had a little more of that in Congress. Wish we all could cheer just as loud every time a teacher finds a way to get through to a student, or a policeman stops another degenerate, a fireman saves another life or a soldier takes a bullet for you and me. Hope they know how much we care and love them and what they do. They do what they do for pride and honor, not money. If you know one or see one, thank them for being so selfless.