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The Addams Family? Not Really...

Some days I'm Gomez, others I'm Lurch or possibly Uncle Fester.  All of which, makes me enormously grateful for the family I do have and the people in my life who hold me accountable, lift me up, and periodically administer extra grace when I'm being a knuckle dragger.

Oh yeah, I'm a knuckle dragger at heart, and it's taken years to realize it and then some serious fine-tuning to even get this far.  It is said that knowing you have an issue is more than half the problem, so I got that going for me--which is nice.

What gets me through now is finding purpose in everyday life.  My goal is to help people build lasting legacies by enhancing their everyday testimony.  Churchy words possibly, but we are all only truly remembered for how we made people feel and the testimonies we leave behind.  If you begin with that in mind I believe you are more likely to treat others well in all situations.

This site is dedicated to reflections and opinions I've recorded after 5+ decades of being upright and encountering all manner of people and situations.  I share them because they are funny, poignant, heretical and sometimes a little too close to home.

I also share because this too is part of my legacy to my family.  I have 2 boys, 2 girls and a beautiful wife who definitely deserves better than me.  We are empty-nesters now and yet life keeps happening at breakneck speed.  I sometimes long for the questions of a 7-year-old, and yet, the truth is I relish being a dad and helping my kids through the various stages of life.  From picking a career to dealing with idiot landlords or bosses, life is full of polite confrontations.  Who's going to teach them this simple but essential art if not me?  These reflections are gentle reminders that I am very blessed and eternally thankful for the lot I was dealt.

Enjoy the reflections and may you always strive to never be the subject of one of these vignettes.   --Michael C

King Knuckle dragger somewhere on the streets of Rome collecting stories

King Knuckle dragger somewhere on the streets of Rome collecting stories