Writing has become a universal outlet made easier, more available and acceptable with our technological boom.  Now that everyone's opinion defines what is right or wrong in their universe, it affords some of us a chance to poke a little fun and contemplate a few of the pressing (and not so pressing) issues of the day. The stories contained herein are meant to offer a passing comment or challenge on behaviors that routinely strain credulity.  

The two different blogs are the manifestation of different periods of my own journey.  The scenarios and questions posed are mostly real and the opinions are equal parts parody and thoughtful commentary.  I hope these reflections are a bit of a rest stop in the middle of your busy life.  They are short, timely jabs at real-life, timeless, social scenarios that continue to replay in my life. I pray they evoke emotions you might otherwise want to keep to yourself.  


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Questions I have and how to address them: politically correct or otherwise

Obtuse and arcane stories from a lifetime of travel